Television content under scanner


22 Mar 2011
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With the recent spate of reality shows in different channels, each competing with the other to grab the maximum eyeballs, the Censor Board had decided to monitor them more closely. The board is in the process of finalizing a panel who will formulate a separate Censor Board for television.

For long there has been a demand for a censoring of reality shows and soaps which promoted vulgarity. After Hollywood star, Pamela Anderson entered the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, things started to get serious. Lot of shows came under the scrutiny and it was decided that a separate board is the need of the hour. The panel will include representatives from all channels and their recommendation will be placed on the table of assembly for this monsoon session. According to well placed sources, after the board is formed, it will be the responsibility of the channels to toe the line and ensure that the guidelines are not violated. It is not known if every tape will be screened or not

Television censorship is practiced in many countries through the use of labels or ratings to classify TV programs. In the U.S., the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is a de facto regulatory organization and the censorship is usually stricter since the television is a mass media device. The board pre-evaluates any program prior to their broadcast.
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