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On Monday 30 Apr 12

8:29AM Die Hard 4.0
11:06AM Salvation Boulevard
1:06PM Night at the Museum
2:51PM Rambo III
4:58PM xXx: State of the Union
7:03PM The Transporter
9:00PM The Expendables
11:02PM Hellboy

On Monday 30 Apr 12

8:50AM Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
12:00PM The Twilight Saga: New Moon
2:40PM The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior
4:55PM My Soul to Take
7:05PM Se7en
9:35PM Devil
11:15PM Speedy Singhs

On Monday 30 Apr 12

8:45AM The Pink Panther 2
10:45AM Cradle 2 the Grave
12:45PM The Kid
1:45PM The Idle Class
2:30PM Unfaithful
4:30PM Babe
6:30PM Serenity
9:00PM Mr. and Mrs. Smith
11:30PM The Hills Have Eyes

On Monday 30 Apr 12

9:15AM The Da Vinci Code
11:45AM Spider-Man
2:05PM Hannibal
4:25PM The Smurfs
6:40PM The Next Karate Kid
9:00PM The Karate Kid
11:55PM American Pie: The Wedding

On Monday 30 Apr 12

8:30AM Terminator Salvation
11:00AM War
1:00PM Terminator Salvation
3:00PM Get Smart
5:30PM Rapid Fire
6:00PM Sniper: Reloaded
8:45PM Vertigo
11:00PM S.W.A.T.

On Monday 30 Apr 12

9:05AM License to Wed
10:55AM Jason X
12:35PM Snakes on a Plane
2:45PM The Dark Knight
5:40PM Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
9:00PM We are Marshall
11:40PM 300

On Monday 30 Apr 12

10:25AM Dirty Pretty Things
12:30PM AAA Teleshopping
1:00PM Primeval
3:05PM Wanted
5:35PM There Will Be Blood
9:00PM Hancock
11:00PM Stick it

On Monday 30 Apr 12

9:45AM Love Crimes
11:15AM Peter's Friends
1:00PM Soul Plane
2:30PM Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
4:00PM Carbon Copy
5:30PM Hidden Agenda
7:15PM The Ambulance
9:00PM The House on Carroll Street
10:45PM Sibling Rivalry
On Wednesday 02 May

10:15AM Tom Yum Goong
12:30PM Toy Story 3
2:08PM Death Race
4:18PM Die Hard 4.0
6:51PM The Fast and the Furious
9:00PM 2012
11:56PM Hard Target

On Wednesday 02 May

10:40AM The Back-up Plan
12:50PM Sherlock Holmes
3:35PM The Bone Collector
6:05PM Inglourious Basterds
9:15PM Balls of Fury
11:15PM Paranormal Activity 2

On Wednesday 02 May

10:15AM Babe
12:00PM Jurassic Park
2:15PM Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
4:00PM Baby's Day Out
6:00PM Executive Decision
9:00PM Duma
11:00PM Deep Blue Sea

On Wednesday 02 May

10:55AM Casper
12:55PM Days of Thunder
3:00PM Cruel Intentions 2
4:30PM Push
6:45PM The Forbidden Kingdom
9:00PM Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown
11:15PM Pandorum

On Wednesday 02 May

11:00AM Excess Baggage
1:00PM Resident Evil: AfterLife
3:00PM The Golden Compass
5:30PM Rapid Fire
6:00PM The Dukes of Hazzard
8:45PM Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
11:00PM Mega Piranha

On Wednesday 02 May

10:10AM Kinky Boots
12:30PM Guthy Renker
1:00PM Surfer, Dude
2:45PM The Chronicles of Riddick
5:45PM Closure
7:20PM Santa's Apprentice
9:00PM Terminal Velocity
11:15PM Flyboys

On Wednesday 02 May

11:15AM Playing 'In the Company of Men'
1:20PM The Sheltering Sky
3:25PM The Emigrant
5:55PM 48 Hours a Day
7:25PM The Choir
9:00PM Control
11:00PM The Son's Room
Death Race
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On Friday 11th May

8:37AM Broken Arrow
10:53AM Step Up 3D
12:54PM Ice Age: The Meltdown
2:26PM The A-Team
4:49PM Babylon A.D.
6:43PM Knight and Day
9:00PM I Am Number Four
11:16PM Terminator Salvation

On Friday 11th May

8:25AM Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
10:25AM Superman Returns
1:35PM The Core
4:20PM Sanctum
6:40PM Happy Feet
9:00PM Paranormal Activity 2
11:00PM Open Water

On Friday 11th May

10:15AM Flight of the Phoenix
12:30PM Lake Placid 2
2:30PM Flubber
4:30PM Into the Blue
6:45PM Get Smart
9:00PM The Specialist
11:15PM Alien: Resurrection

On Friday 11th May

7:20AM The Green Mile
10:50AM John Rambo
12:40PM Resident Evil: Extinction
2:15PM Straw dogs
4:30PM Blood and Bone
6:35PM Love Happens
9:00PM Make It Happen
11:05PM Underworld: Rise of The Lycans

On Friday 11th May

8:30AM Tekken
11:00AM Machete
1:00PM Tekken
3:00PM The Dark Knight
5:30PM Rapid Fire
6:00PM Passenger 57
8:45PM Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
11:00PM Resident Evil: Apocalypse

On Friday 11th May .

8:25AM Tropic Thunder
10:31AM 17 Again
12:37PM No Reservations
3:12PM Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
6:06PM The Island
9:00PM Minority Report

On Friday 11th May .

9:55AM Tears of the Sun
12:30PM Guthy Renker
1:00PM King Arthur
3:45PM The Karate Kid Part 2
6:15PM The Bong Connection
9:00PM The Glass House
11:20PM Tears of the Sun
On Saturday 12th May

10:29AM Ice Age: The Meltdown
12:27PM Unstoppable
2:29PM Knight and Day
4:44PM xXx
7:06PM Anaconda
9:00PM True Lies
11:40PM The Transporter

On Saturday 12th May

9:00AM Happy Feet
11:20AM Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
1:10PM Paranormal Activity 2
3:10PM Open Water
4:55PM Turistas
6:40PM Bandslam
9:00PM The Last Airbender
11:15PM Rush Hour

On Saturday 12th May

10:15AM Into the Blue
12:30PM The Specialist
2:45PM Jennifer's Body
4:45PM Get Smart
7:00PM The Circus
8:30PM A Days Pleasure
9:00PM Gladiator

On Saturday 12th May

10:50AM Zoom
12:40PM Underworld: Rise of The Lycans
2:35PM Love Happens
4:45PM Assassination Games
6:55PM Make It Happen
9:00PM Bean
11:05PM Warriors of Heaven And Earth

On Saturday 12th May

11:00AM Passenger 57
1:00PM Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
3:00PM Resident Evil: Apocalypse
5:30PM Rapid Fire
6:00PM Zathura: A Space Adventure
8:45PM Detective Dee
11:00PM Romeo Must Die

On Saturday 12th May

11:06AM Antz
12:56PM The Matrix
3:51PM Minority Report
6:54PM Son of the Mask
9:00PM Enemy at the Gates
11:35PM The Hangover

On Saturday 12th May

10:35AM John Carpenter's Vampires
12:30PM Guthy Renker
1:00PM The Glass House
3:20PM See No Evil
5:00PM Walking Tall: The Payback
7:00PM Once Upon a Time in Mexico
9:15PM The 13th Warrior
11:30PM The Legend of Zorro
On Sunday 13th May

8:26AM I Am Number Four
10:40AM Home Alone 3
12:45PM Ong Bak
2:48PM Tom Yum Goong
5:00PM Species II
6:48PM Limitless
11:29PM Speed

On Sunday 13th May

9:00AM Cats & Dogs
10:50AM The Ant Bully
12:50PM Rush Hour
2:55PM The Last Airbender
5:10PM Turistas
6:55PM Next
9:00PM Around The World In 80 Days
11:35PM Speedy Singhs

On Sunday 13th May

9:15AM Detective Dee
12:00PM Zathura: A Space Adventure
1:45PM Detective Dee
4:15PM Romeo Must Die
6:00PM Double Team
8:45PM Anacondas: Trail of Blood
11:00PM Vertigo

On Sunday 13th May

9:55AM 10,000 BC
12:15PM Snakes on a Plane
2:25PM Son of the Mask
4:25PM Two Weeks Notice
6:25PM Enemy at the Gates
9:00PM Rush Hour 2
10:50PM Transformers

On Sunday 13th May

8:00AM 50 First Dates
10:15AM Once Upon a Time in Mexico
12:30PM Guthy Renker
1:00PM The Legend of Zorro
3:50PM Con Air
6:20PM Shaolin Soccer
8:15PM King Arthur
11:00PM Ghost Machine
On Monday 14th May

9:55AM Unaccompanied Minors
11:50AM Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang
2:05PM Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
4:20PM Around The World In 80 Days
6:55PM Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
9:00PM Speedy Singhs
11:15PM The Bourne Identity

On Monday 14th May

11:00AM Vertigo
1:00PM Anacondas: Trail of Blood
3:00PM Vertigo
5:30PM Rapid Fire
6:00PM The Arrival
8:45PM Sea Beast
11:00PM Showtime

On Monday 14th May

10:45AM Surfer, Dude
12:30PM Guthy Renker
1:00PM Con Air
3:30PM Shaolin Soccer
5:25PM Closure
7:00PM End Game
9:00PM Venom
10:55PM Vantage Point
On Tuesday 15th May

8:30AM The Arrival
11:00AM Sea Beast
1:00PM Showtime
3:00PM Sea Beast
5:30PM Rapid Fire
6:00PM Deadly Engagement
8:45PM Get Smart
11:00PM The Hunt For Eagle One

On Tuesday 15th May

8:00AM Fierce People
10:10AM Dark Water
12:30PM Guthy Renker
1:00PM John Carpenter's Vampires
3:05PM Vantage Point
5:05PM The Thaw
7:05PM When In Rome
9:00PM Cold Creek Manor
11:35PM The Legend of Zorro
On Wednesday 16th May

9:27AM Judge Dredd
11:29AM Speed
1:50PM Open Season
3:14PM Avatar
6:17PM True Lies
9:00PM Die Hard: With a Vengeance
11:30PM AVP: Alien vs. Predator

On Wednesday 16th May

10:35AM The Core
1:25PM Enter the Dragon
3:35PM Superman Returns
6:50PM Extraordinary Measures
9:10PM Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
11:15PM Final Destination 2

On Wednesday 16th May

9:35AM Welcome to the Jungle
11:40AM D-Tox
1:35PM Straw Dogs
4:00PM Knowing
6:35PM Just Go with It
9:00PM Kickboxer 3: The Art of War
11:10PM Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

On Wednesday 16th May

11:00AM The Hunt For Eagle One
1:00PM Get Smart
3:00PM The Hunt For Eagle One
5:30PM Rapid Fire
6:00PM Universal Soldier: The Return
8:45PM S.W.A.T.
11:00PM Soldier

On Wednesday 16th May

10:34AM Ocean's Eleven
12:57PM Mars Attacks!
3:04PM 17 Again
5:10PM LOTR: The Fellowship of the rings
9:00PM The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
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