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8 Sep 2016
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Indians never take the film awards seriously (although the actors do take them seriously) because they think its biased and unfair.

The nominations for this year’s Filmfare Awards have been announced and guess whose name is missing from the nominations for the best actor award?

None other than Akshay Kumar, whose performances in Airlift and Rustom were acclaimed by many. ‘Filmfare Awards On Sale’ is trending on twitter.

⭐ @a1ina_x
First ignored anushka's performance in NH10, then akki's performance in Baby/Special 26 and Now Airlift ??

12:09 PM - 10 Jan 2017
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DANGAL @AP_arbaz
one of d best performances of year by @akshaykumar sir in #airlift n didn't get nomination at Filmfare
12:13 PM - 10 Jan 2017
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Bhushan Khiladi @Bhushanadhau1
No One Can Match Akshay Sir Performance In Rustom He Was Just Awesome RIP Awards

11:05 AM - 10 Jan 2017
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Here’s Why Bollywood Film Awards Cannot Match the Oscar Awards

There’s no doubt that Bollywood awards tend to copy the Oscars, and even the regional (Tamil, Telugu) award ceremonies don’t look much different from the ones in Bollywood. Now, that the Oscar winners were announced recently, its but natural to make a comparison between the two industries, and it seems Bollywood still has quite some catching-up to do.

At the Academy awards, not just the nominated movies and actors are top notch, the live acts, singers, comic hosts, the red carpet with wow attires, everything about the Oscars is mind-bowing; no doubt its one of the most anticipated awards worldwide.

So what are the things that stand out?

The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet in most Bollywood awards is a bit ‘thanda’ (dull) and gives an impression that most Bollywood celebs don’t get paid a lot. However, the red carpet at the Oscars dazzles with wow attires.

Checkout these actresses (including our Priyanka Chopra) wearing dresses by international designers.

Perhaps, they were anticipating Leonardo to win the Oscar award this time. Nevertheless, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s reunion on the red carpet (the two starred in Titanic) was one of the highlights.

While its still understandable that Bollywood actors don’t want to spend on designer attires (may be because there are so many different awards), the next one is probably easier to incorporate.

Where are the Singers?

Okay, there are dance performances, few comedy acts but where are the singers? Last year, John Legend gave a heart-wrenching performance; this year Lady Gaga’s peformance made the audience stand up and applaud.

Even the life time achievers are paid tributes by a memorable song that is performed live. Again, Lady Gaga has done that on a few occassions now. Even this year Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl delivered a superb tribute to late actor Alan Rickman and artist David Bowie.

So why don’t singers perform at award functions? One theory is that most celebs who perform or host at award functions get paid by the organizers (another reason why most Indian film awards are not taken seriously). Getting the singers to perform means more expenses.

Is this the reason Sonu Nigam now prefers to sing in flights ? ?

Powerful Speeches and Talking on Socially Relevant Issues

The Academy has now requested Oscar winners to shorten their thank you notes (especially to family). It means you hear the winners talk more about issues concerning the industry and even the society, which makes the speeches really inspirational. Your favorite stars, with an Oscar in hand, and talking about serious things is really cool (some of them manage to add some humor which makes it even better).

Watch: Trisha Arquette (best supporting actor) gives an inspiring speech on the need for equal remuneration.

Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio’s (best actor) inspiring speech on climate change.

You will never hear Bollywood celebs giving speeches during award ceremonies. Is it asking for a bit too much? Or is it that our Bollywood actors want to play it safe and do not want to offend any political party by talking on serious issues?

I think the real issue is that, unlike the Oscars, there’s hardly any Indian award that is ‘respected’ by all the Indian actors, something that is really worth having. ‘Filmfare’ used to be at one time, but even its charm seem to have been diluted (with many unhappy with the way winners are chosen). The ‘National Award’ is definitely worth it, however its not a glamour/entertainment event.

Bollywood Film Awards a Farce? These Actors/Films Got Ignored!

If you have heard some of our Bollywood actors say that they don’t believe in awards, you may think, for them, its the case of ‘grapes being sour’. However, going by the number of Bollywood Film Awards and the manner in which they give the awards, it looks as if Bollywood award shows really can’t be taken too seriously.

Bollywood Filmfare awardsJust take a look at any of your top Bollywood film awards, like Filmfare, Stardust or for instance, any of them; each of them would try to copy the format of their Hollywood counterparts such as the Golden Globe Awards or the Oscars. Be it the award ceremonies or the red-carpet appearances, we tend to copy them.

But wait a minute! When it comes to the most important part – that is honouring the best, it seems the Bollywood award shows don’t have any clue as to how to bestow the laurels on the deserving ones.

Bollywood actors (and some really good films) who didn’t win at the recent Film-fare awards.
Kangana Ranaut for Tanu Weds Manu Returns (she won the critics award and not in the main category). Post this movie, almost everybody was praising Kangana for her performance, and almost every top actor said that he would love to work with Kangana.
Deepak Dobriyal for Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Although the movie won an award for the dialogues, funny man Deepak Dobriyal didn’t win an award.
Richa Chadda for ‘Masaan’. Again, one of those movies that was praised a lot, including Richa Chadda’s superlative performance
Kalki Koechlin for ‘Margarita with a Straw’
Movies like ‘Drishyam’, ‘Talvar’, ‘Masaan’, ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’
Watch: Ranveer Singh Goes Crazy at the Britannia 61st Filmfare Awards 2016

Almost every award show has the same award categories, have the same criteria and end up giving the awards to the same Bollywood celebrities. In fact, some really deserving acts don’t even make it to the nominations.

So an SRK would win an award almost every year, and at all the award functions that year. If a superstar does even a 2-minute cameo in some random film, you can expect him/her to win the best supporting actor award.

Bollywood Film Award functions have turned into a ‘naacha gaana’ affair, almost like a Bollywood masala film, where in they add a bit of everything to entertain the audience. And that is precisely the reason why people watch these shows, for the entertainment and they really don’t care who won the awards.

In fact, some of the actors who win the awards need to be pitied, because they really think they have earned it (going by their speeches).

Akshay Kumar revealed that once he was approached by a popular ‘Film Award’ and was asked to reduce his remuneration for performing at the function, for which they were ready to give him an award too. Akshay said ‘Don’t give me the award but give me my full remuneration’.
Filmfare Awards 2016

For the first time in the history of Filmfare Awards, audiences got a chance to attend the ceremony at the upcoming award functions (probably, its going to be this way going forward). With a 60-year legacy, the Filmfare Awards over the years has honoured the best in Bollyood, and many stars still consider the Filmfare awards (along with the National awards) to be a prestigious award to have.

Bollywood Film Awards
Kareena said, “Winning a Filmfare Award matters. Those who say it doesn’t, are lying. I’ve seen my grandfather display his Filmfare trophies proudly in his office. I’ve seen the importance everyone attaches to the trophy.”

Big stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and many others have confessed their admiration for Filmfare. Talking about the award, SRK had said, “I like winning Filmfare’s golden trophy. But really, I have no colour preferences. Whatever the colour — black, gold, green, purple — I want to win a Filmfare trophy every year.”

With so many new awards being launched every year, some actors may not be that fascinated by awards, but the Filmfare awards has a great history, and several fascinating stories and Bollywood trivia is associated with these awards.

Aamir Khan who’s known for not attending any award ceremonies used to attend Filmfare Awards during his younger days. But he stopped attending award ceremonies after he didn’t get a Filmfare award for several of his movies, which he though should have won.
Aamir did not win an award for Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar; instead the award went to Anil Kapoor for Beta.
Aamir Khan did not win an award for Hum Hain Rahin Pyaar Ke; instead the best actor award went to Shahrukh Khan for Baazigar.
Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge walked away with all the awards, whereas Aamir Khans tapori act in Rangeela dod not fetch him an award, although it was praised a lot.
Since then, Aamir Khan has stopped attending Filmfare Awards and other popular movie awards. When asked about the selection procedure and authenticity of Indian Film awards, Aamir Khan had said, “fact is that I have no objections to film awards per se. I just feel that if I don’t value a particular film award, then I won’t attend it either. Apart from the national award, I don’t see any other award ceremony that I should give value to. My personal experience about these award ceremonies is that I don’t trust them. I have no faith in them so I would prefer to stay away.”

The Filmfare award functions are a star-studded ceremony with top actors hosting the show, performing and adding some fun to the evening. In the past, stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid and Ranbir Kapoor have hosted the event, and its definitely among the most talked-about events of the year.

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It may also have a 'D' connection like a major portion of the bollywood industry..
What's wrong in that FilmFare Bikaau hai toh hai.

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