Vote for best HD Recorder service !

Vote for best HD Recorder !

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2 May 2011
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another poll frm me.

this time for Best HD recorder service.
they given d2h only in 1000 Rs. with old d2h, we can purchase old box in Rs.200 To 400, :p

also star asli hd and mtune with this :thinking:
my choice is ts+ hd coz all asli hd channels with it :D

and ui system is awesome:dance3:
1) Asli HD
2) Low cost (STB as well as HD GOLD PACK)
3) 500GB
4) Two Channels recording
5) Optical + coaxial digital OUT
6) Series link with just two click
7) Dedicated button(HOT KEY) for recorded content viewing
8) TVoD free content
i will wait for 3 day if reliance will come with a new box :waiting:
as some surprise is be created by reliance wait and watch...............:eek:mg:
Now they have 250 HD channels... wait and watch... some votes may come in near future...:waiting:
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