Want to sell my Tataplay Binge Box.

Why selling bro?
As per your old messages what I have gathered you were loyal fan of sundirect for 8 years , then moved to airtel for better quality and sound and then to binge+
I was using sundirect since 2013.I used Jio Fiber for 1 and 1/2 yr along with sundirect. I already had 3 sun hd boxes as i was moving to new place got new connection, 6 months new connection plan is cheaper than reinstallation and monthly package.Later I moved to a place where jio fiber is not available So i want to try airtel fiber took airtel black plan as i need not spend money for reinstallation of sundirect dth.I took connection the day before IPL hoping that starsports 4k might get added.But it didn't happen and will never.I am not satisfied with airtel picture quality.So i gave it to my parents just the box and realigned sundirect antenna For them it is good in 40 inch tv.Doesnt make much difference between airtel and sundirect.I was back to sundirect in my new tv Sony 75 inch X80K.Then i wanted to try tataplay by seeing discussions and fan base of it and again hoping that starsports 4k might get added during world cup thats y i took binge box.After installation i felt i made a mistake.Binge box is laggy.After few days i started liking it because ease of service adding and dropping packs,jingalala offers.I was happy with it.Then waited for long hoping channel compression might get reduced and picture quality might improve and world cup in 4K.But i came to know that tataplay never do that and its all fooling people in the name of new transponder.Then if we observe 80 percent of channels are just garbage along with their unnecessary service channels.I felt they dont need new transponder for dumbing garbage in our TV sets.So with my experience of picture quality of tataplay i just want to go back to sundirect so that i can differentiate both quality.I need to have cable wire joints at 2 places totally 3 wires to connect sundirect HD box(for tatalay only one joint).I felt picture quality might be decreased.Some how i activated the box and started comparing all channels.Initially i felt Tataplay is better than sundirect.I tried tuning each and every setting.By default in my sun hd box picture quality was set to 1080p and 60Hz.Then i changed this setting to auto in Sundirect box.Then i felt the magic,the picture quality is awesome.Iam sorry to say that who ever is supporting tatataplay quality they are blinded by their fan boys.Even Sd channel picture quality of sundirect is better than tataplay.Now i feel why i should i want compressed 4k when iam having best picture in HD.Now with my experience i can say that the best DTH is Sundirect especially for South.
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Thanks for detailed experience 👍
I agree with you bro, tataplay is playing for more than a year with people and they don't even realise... gsat24 is the ultimate goli😅
Personally I love binge+ box but I don't need hybrid box since I bought a smart tv last year but again no option becomes my last tataplay hd box picture quality was not upto mark as compared to binge+..I even tried airtel, out of all dth I have used it has excellent picture and sound quality but no MTV beats hd and no proper fav system!

Sundirect might be good but I simply don't want to try because there are too many important hindi channels are missing which is not acceptable. I am thinking to give tataplay hd new box a try and see..

Anyway good luck bro! Since your tv size is large, why should you compromise on the picture quality, try everything and settle with the best one! And bro don't expect 4k channel in any dth, they are already struggling with space issue and not able to add pending hd channels, forget 4k
Hi anybody wants to buy tataplay binge let me know i will give the best offer.
Thank you.
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