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26 Jan 2016
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Action comedy lovers are in for a treat because the third instalment of the ‘Welcome’ franchise, is set to go on the floors by early 2018.

Pune Mirror reveals a source close to the project sharing that the Firoz Nadiadwala production, whose predecessors were directed by Anees Bazmee, will film with a new director. “Anil Kapoor, Paresh Rawal and Nana Patekar are already on board to reprise their roles from the previous instalments.”

“Anil will continue to play Majnu, Nana returns as Uday Shetty while Paresh plays Dr Ghunghroo. While the first two instalments were more about comedy, this one will have action in equal measure. Locations are currently being finalised with shooting schedules also being planned in Tokyo and Osaka,” the source revealed, adding that the makers also plan to film at Ground Zero in New York, where the World Trade Centre stood. “They have approached Oscarwinning German composer Hans Zimmer for the background score,” the source said
Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar & Paresh Rawal back together for 'Welcome 3'
“The script of Welcome 3 is already being written, and the plan is to take it on the floors in the latter part of next year. While Anil, Nana and Paresh will be part of the third film, the makers are also aiming to rope in a much bigger cast for this one. Firoz Nadiadwala is planning to make the movie on a massive scale and it will be an action-comedy,” informs a source close to the development.

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Plans are on for Welcome 3 as well, however, this will be done by Firoz in his personal capacity. He is on the look out for an ideal director to take this comic caper forward. While Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar will be back as Majnu and Uday, there’s no clarity as such on the other leads of the film.
Firoz Nadiadwala told Bollywood Hungama, “Welcome 3 mostly will be called Welcome To The Jungle. It’ll retain the humour, wit and entertainment that is associated with this franchise and moreover, it’ll be based against a military action backdrop. The action will be huge in this film. We’ll make use of the 'huey' helicopters and for the first time in an Indian film, aircraft carriers will be used in action scenes. It’ll be made on a scale which has never been seen before in Indian cinema in terms of production value, grandeur etc.”

Firoz Nadiadwala continued, “Towards the end, it’ll have a very strong and emotional patriotic touch. 65-70% of the film will be set in the jungle. We hopefully will go on floors next year. We’ll have real ex-military people on board who’ll guide us on how to handle big guns, RPG, SAM (surface-to-air missile) and other such solid military hardware.”

Firoz Nadiadwala made it clear that while mounting the film on a huge canvas, he won’t compromise on the script and other important elements, “The idea is to make the best movie, not the biggest movie. Money can help you make a big film, but it will not help you to make the best movie. What I mean is that it has to be the best film creatively, technically, scale-wise and in terms of casting. Movies like Sholay, Ben Hur, Avatar etc are best in terms of emotion, storytelling, and characters first followed by the scale. It’s like the difference between good food and expensive food. First, you cook the best food and then you charge whatever you want. We want to ensure that Welcome To The Jungle is a milestone in entertainment family cinema in terms of characterization, storytelling, screenplay, dialogues, nuances, mannerisms and action.”

Firoz Nadiadwala is yet to sign actors for Welcome To The Jungle but he assured, “It’ll have a big star cast. All the main characters will indulge in action, including the actresses.”

ETimes has exclusively learnt that, in a casting coup of sorts, the Firoz Nadiadwala produced movie will have Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi leading from the front.

The comedy caper is expected to start rolling either during the last leg of Hera Pheri 3 or as soon as the movie hits the theatres. The director of the flick is yet to be finalised.

“Of the 3 films under Firoz Nadiadwala’s banner, Welcome might be the first to take off as the script is ready a while back. The filmmaker is planning to bring a spin in the narrative of this comic caper by getting Sanjay Dutt and Arshad to play the notorious gangsters – Majnu and Uday. The duo have already shown their chemistry as Munna and Circuit and now it will be time to explore the dimension in a new franchise,” revealed a source close to the development.

But what’s the reason for Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar’s exit? A source close to the producer reveals, “It’s a case of monetary disagreements between the duo and the producer,” the source adds.

Releasing On Christmas 2024

Suniel Shetty has come on board to play a key and powerful role in Welcome 3. “Suniel Shetty shares a close bond with Firoz Nadiadwala and Akshay Kumar and when the opportunity to be a part of Welcome came his way, he was instantly on board. He is all excited to play a role that has not been explored before in the franchise. It’s a comic role, but in a new light with a new character shade,” revealed a source close to the development.

Contrary to the general belief, Suniel is NOT playing the part of Yeda Anna in Welcome 3. “It’s a new character that he will be playing and has nothing to do with Yeda Anna or Shyam from Awara Pagal Deewana and Hera Pheri,” the source confirmed, quick to add that the pre-production work for Welcome 3 has already begun. “The team has already locked some shooting locations and is gearing to take the film on floors soon. The team at present is working on the action scenes and character looks,” the source added.

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“Daler Mehndi and Mika Singh have also bagged Welcome 3. They’ll be seen as actors in this film. It’s an interesting addition to the multi-starrer and their roles are expected to be very funny and crucial to the plot. Both Daler and Mika were taken aback when they were offered the film. However, they realized that theirs is a fun role. Hence, both the talented brothers decided to sign on the dotted line.”

"Anil felt that Welcome is Welcome because of Majnu and the film will just get wider in the third part with the addition of Akshay Kumar. He felt that he deserved the money as the third part is a potential Rs. 300 crore film at India Box Office and even he deserved the amount he asked for. He tried to put forth his point, but when Firoz refused, he willingly backed out of the film. Akshay Kumar also tried to intervene and get Anil on board, but Anil was stuck on getting Rs. 18 crores"

With Anil's exit, Nana also decided to back out of the film as he didn't want to play Uday Bhai without his fellow Majnu. "Uday and Majnu are like Pav and Bhaji. There is no fun to eat either Pav or Bhaji and it makes sense only to have both components together. Once Anil backed out, Nana also took a backseat. Akshay and Firoz then decided to bring in Munna and Circuit in Welcome 3"

“Paresh Rawal will get back to playing his iconic character of Dr. Ghungroo in Welcome To The Jungle and is all excited to reunite with his gang. Paresh has done multiple films with all the key stakeholders of Welcome and is looking forward to reuniting with the entire team for another adventure ride filled with humor”

“Welcome To The Jungle is currently in the pre-production stage and the makers are targeting to release the film during the Christmas 2024 weekend. Producer Firoz Nadiadwala and director Ahmed Khan have pulled out the biggest casting coup by getting in the biggest ensemble on board this family comedy. The film will be shot in India and abroad, and the team is now in the process of locking the location and get the combination dates in place”

Suniel Shetty’s character is on the lines of RDX from the first Welcome film. “It’s a completely packaged entertainer that has comedy in the forefront with a lot of action and adventure taking place in the jungle”

Releasing On 20th December 2024 (My 20th Birthday)


Only 3rd parts of franchises release on my Birthday
Dhoom 3 in 2013
Dabangg 3 in 2019

Avatar 3 was also planned in 2024 but its postponed and now replaced by Welcome 3

I hope Welcome 3 is not ruined like Dhoom 3 & Dabangg 3
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Another Flop Movie loading only 1st Welcome was superb.

2nd was super flop and this will looks like break 2nd part in Flop & Overacting
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