What is the difference between signal strength and signal quality?


20 Oct 2011
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Forward your view friends.. It is long back stricking in my mind but still i have no answer. Thanks
Lnb is fed power from set top box. Dish receives signal from satellite and Lnb sends the signal to settopbox. In this process signal has to travel all the way from dish to stb installed at your home. Signal may become weak and loose some strength. Signal strength also depends upon quality of the coaxial cable, good quality cable gives you better signal strength. Now even a 40 to 60% signal strength will give you 100% signal quality. So signal quality matters most. Better viewing with better signal quality.
In simple terms,
Signal Strength/Intensity is working power indicator from the DC Voltage 13V or 18V that is supplied to the LNB. High signal strength does not mean TV signals are being received.

Signal Quality is the amount of good data received and sent by the LNB which matters. So high signal quality means clear picture and sound without any disturbances.
Thanks vinay_kumar for your expert advice in this matter.
No any Value Of Signal Strength on 0% Quality, Quality is to important in Stb, Stb Can't display Any pictures if No quality , in case of full signal with Low quality >20 Pictures Run As Scratchable CD in some case if quality is 0 stb can't read channels name.

Signal strength is how strong the signal you are picking up is. The closer you are to a transmitter the more signal you will pick up with the same aerial. Further away and the signal level will drop and you will need a larger more powerful aerial and/or amplification to get the signal level back up.

Signal quality is how good the information you are recieving actually is. If the the signal is suffering due to reflections/ghosting or interfernce from electrical installations switches/motors etc then the quality will be poor as these problems will cause the loss of data in the signal as the effect of them will block/overpower the signal and your box won't be able to "read" the true data. Without any of these problems the your quality will be high.
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