Why did Comedy Central took a step back?

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23 Aug 2018
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Since the launch of Colors Infinity in 2015. English TV has been dominated by Viacom. They viewing pattern of views changed as they were getting lots of fresh shows on satellite tv to watch every week. They didn't had to rely on illegal means or torrents. Even until last spring Comedy Central offered fresh content along US. Popular shows like Young Sheldon, Mom, Bob Heart Abhisola and Will & Grace were aired hours after it's original US broadcast. But things changed after the pandemic. We no longer get fresh sitcoms from US. On top of that we stopped getting flagship shows from Viacom. Gone are shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and iconic shows Saturday Night Live. The only show we get along with US on Comedy Central is The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

I am gonna ask forum experts. What's Viacom's strategy here? Why a step back when English GEC market is at decline because of OTT and needs a new strategy? What are your thoughts here?
as per I observed, the only reason is TRP, people are only loving on viacom 18 are Friends and The Big Bang Theory and such related shows! Also being an advent fan of the channel, since 2016, I have noticed people (including me) most of the time watches Friends and The Big Bang Theory on the channel, other shows comes and go, but these two shows remained on the channel like glue! I tried watching Jimmy Fallon once cause I loved on YouTube short videos of the same, but since the channel didn't put subtitles, I lose track of what was being said and therefore I got bored!
Comedy Central is still more appealing than other channels when it comes to reruns. Shows like Friends, Big bang and 2 broke girls are doing wonders for them. But yes, fresh premieres have taken a hit since pandemic Its not only here but the new episodes are delayed in US as well due to production halt. The only new episodes CC has confirmed are from Young Sheldon, Mom and SuperStore. I have no details on talk shows but only trever Noah is currently on air in India, no idea whats happening on that front
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