Discussion Why isn't Tarang TV sued for Copyright Violation and Unauthorised Adaptations


28 Jun 2017
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The reason I am doing this thread is because some of its shows, in my opinion are unauthorised adaptations of different shows aired on other regional and national channels (other than Salabega), and they're doing it without even taking proper permission from the parent networks and their respective production houses.

Some of the unauthorised adaptations done by Tarang TV are as follows:

Tarini Akhira Tara : Unauthorised adaptation of Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai aired on Star Plus

Asha : Unauthorised adaptation of Shreemoyee aired on Star Jalsha (reason for failure of Star Kiran as they had adapted the same show under the title Shanti)

Mo sasura sasuma : Unauthorised adaptation of Star Jalsha's Chuni Panna

Kahara Hebi Mun Kandhei : Unauthorised adaptation of Gemini TV show Pournami.

Tu Mo Akhira Tara : Unauthorised Adaptation of Yeh Hai Chahatein (Story started from where Tarini Akhira Tara ended)

Now you may argue that "Bro, in the past many shows from different channels have been adapted by national channels." Yes. But they've done it only after acquiring rights to adapt them on their networks. That is the industry norm.

But Tarang TV is not following the industry norm. I doubt they've acquired rights from the producers of these original shows. The production houses and their respective networks should sue them under intellectual property act and copyright act. But instead they're letting Tarang TV get away with it just by keeping mum.

Why? Is there any answer?

Using unfair means to stay in TRP race will not help them.
But, How you come to know that they haven't obtained permission? Do they said anywhere?
But, How you come to know that they haven't obtained permission? Do they said anywhere?
If you adapt a story, you need to credit the original writer. They (Tarang TV) have not done so.
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