Will Cricket World Cup 2019 be available in 4K on Tata Sky ?

Bhailog, running a channel and acquiring or producing content costs big bucks. In India, broadcasters heavily depend on ads to earn money while subscription is not a major contributor across genres ( yes including niche channels). So either people readily agree to access quality stuff by shelling out rupees or leave it upto broadcasters to balance delivery of good content and generate healthy returns.

Remember broadcasters cannot make advertisers buy promo slots at exorbitant rates and even if this happens then consumer product prices will increase to recover investments. Either ways consumer will get his or her ear pulled.:)

Just relax and enjoy HD coverage or even SD feed. 4K, 8K r just gimmicks... No matter what u try including virtual reality it will not give u complete satisfaction. Such is human nature.
I Think Yes Tata Sky will broadcast ICC World Cup 2019 in 4K. TATA SKY 4K 2019 Look at this TATA SKY 4K Ad. It says :---- " hello there welcome to the biggest cricketing event of 2019 right here in England Watch it on top disguise UHD 4K ".


Its old 4K ad of 2015 WC :ok2: Old Ts logo also the ad clearly says 2015 when Ts introduced 4k uhd STBs that time.

Wrong question, ask how many IPL Reruns will u do? They will have a logbook and will tell u that we have so and so scheduled on 6 sd and hd channels. Just hope that no request is received to show highlights on Hungama TV again, already Shinchan came crying to me many times in last few weeks saying that " Star Sports ne mujhe apne ghar se bedhakal kar, please mujhe apni puraani nuclear family mein bhej do" . I somehow managed to calm him down and told about importance of Joint Family and he will get to be more popular and more affection. It was just a misunderstanding as Star was just hosting celebrations and there were no children from his age group so they sent him for "Baby's Day Out" instead of feeling "Home Alone" :)
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