Breaking With IPL in its kitty, Star hikes distribution tariff


21 Jun 2013
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Ahead of Indian Premier League (IPL) Star India has asked the distribution platforms for a raise in the annual distribution deal. The channel is asking for a minimum 20 per cent raise in the deals. According to industry sources, Star India initially started with 40 percent hike, which differs for various operators.

Arvind Prabhu, President, Maharashtra Cable Operators Foundation, said, “The hike, that Star is asking for is different for various operators. Hence, I can’t comment on that. They are asking for minimum 20 per cent hike for the annual deals.”

With IPL in its kitty, Star hikes distribution tariff
So what adtv said is 100% true now it's proved & star is the lier and culprit :mad::mad::angry::angry::knife::knife:

Then i dont know how they lied we didn't increase the price and said #maketheswitch so called campaign :angry::damn::damn::knife::knife::wall::wall:
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Airtel again reduce all Star channels A la carta price. So I think Airtel not bend their head. Airtel win this time against Star.

if star wins India's rights then they would again do price hike and the drama would start again.
Actully star has not sold their inventory which making them scared and also next year ipl star wont be able to sale their inventory bcoz election will be held so by spending 16k cr for 5year which is too small period to cover up the price paid so their are asking for tariff hike.....
Too much greed will spoil you one day.
I hope the Competition Commission of India takes action against Star India for spreading false rumors that it is Airtel who has hiked the prices, and promoted the #maketheswitch campaign, clearly telling subscribers to switch to other DTH/Cable. The truth is, the hike is requested for all platforms, hence even if someone #madetheswitch they'd suffer.

No damage is done now, but such adamant broadcasters need to be taught a lesson. This is plain blackmailing. First bid beyond your capacity and then milk subscribers to make it up.
Shameful behaviour of star .if they keep it up they might make a horrible mistake in future and face consequences .mother nature has its own ways of taking revenge
Sony is much better than Star.
They telecasted IPL for past 10 years, but never claims high price for their channels during IPL.
But, in the very first year, Star shows their real dirty policy for IPL.
God knows, next 4 years what they will do for IPL season.
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