Zee Entertainment's net profit dropped by 91.9% YoY to Rs 24.31 crore

So subscription revenue from Zee5, Zee Music seems to be holding strong. Also their channels from south india r performing well but Hindi Movie Channels r not getting needed success. Already discussed possible reasons why their hindi movie channels are not having desired good run. They need to focus more on bollywood content else this downward trend likely to continue.

Also another highlight is that Zee has earned good revenue from syndication deals. Already they r having such agreements for their bollywood movie library with various FTA broadcasters....Even in Hindi GEC space this seems to be common. Don't know about what is the case on regional channel front. Sadly Zee has not been able to leverage / capitalise on its huge bollywood movie library and build a strong hindi movie channels network. They had the potential to garner very high ratings for their hindi movie channels gad they utilised their vast bollywood movie library properly and scheduled them perfectly across their channels but their flawed content/scheduling strategy of focusing more on dubbed south indian movies and repeating 40 odd bollywood movies on a continuous manner seems to have lead to many viewers not tuning into their channels
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