DDF Exclusive Zing Super (new feature for its customers)

Mudasir 4K

25 Dec 2012
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To improve customer experience Zing have introduced new Feature for its Zing Super customers .

*In the current set up, Zing Super FTA consumers encounter one or more unsubscribed channel in between two FTA channels and this creates a bad experience for consumer . In order to counter this issue we have created a Favourite list named as “ ZING Super” . Zing Super favourite group will contain all the FTA channels and here consumer will be able to browse through all the FTA channels without encountering any unsubscribed channel in between .*

This feature is available in *Zing Model DZ - 3500 & DZ - 3700* and will be extended by default to all upcoming models for Zing Super.

The behaviour of “ZING Super” favourite group is as follow .

· *Accessible through “ FAV” key on the remote on 1st press and on 2nd press, it jumps to Fav group created by consumer*

· This favourite list is non editable and created from backend

· Consumer can surf through FTA channels in “ZING Super” Fav list through (CH+/CH-)

· *Consumer can exit from “ZING Super” Fav group by direct input of any LCN on the remote*
Good improvement..
dishd2h provide good favourite option ..80 channels can be set
Instead this they should provide single list of 1-100
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