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maxpeak DVBs2 Meter


Staff member
Nov 3, 2010
xboyraj said:

I’ve been using the MaxPeak Satellite Meter (SAM) for over a year now and have done Many satellite installations with it. With All installations, finding the satellite and fine-tuning the alignment took about 2-3 minutes:
The meter immediately locked on to the satellite (the speed at which the MaxPeak meter locks on to the satellite is amazing) and gave me the signal strength, signal quality as image.
Thanks :rolleyes:

Maxpeak is launching new satellite meter i.e. SAMlite2 - DVB S2. SAMlite2 is first low cost DVB S2 meter entire world. This meter will be available in March/April in entire world. DTH installer can buy this meter from Maxpeak India Private Limited, Delhi and its distributors.

Himanshu Sharma