Breaking 6 SD Channels Started Testing On Gsat-24 By Tata Play

@SarfaRaZ Bro, it has already been posted that Chithiram TV will be added on Vinayager Chathurthy. But not added on that day. When this channel will be added.
Dear Boomer Uncle,

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That's reason I had requested you earlier also please post updates 1 day prior to channels addition or people in this forum will continuosly ask same time and time again when it will be added,Which channels etc frequently asked questions.:no2:
What is the point of adding SD channels in 2023. Some of the countries have already stop using SD format and standard is HD and premium in 4K.
It seems these Channels are not Launching Tomorrow also. More testing will be done with these channels. Checked with 3 team team members, 1 said no info for tomorrow other two have not given any response. So no addition tomorrow also:clap2:
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