90cm Uplink Dish Outdoor Broadcast Van Pics

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30 Apr 2011
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Hi Friends,

A News Channel's Outdoor Broadcast Van (OB Van) has been setup for a few days outside my house.

This van is very sleek with an in-built editing, post-production studio, power generator and 90cm Essel-Shyam Teleport uplink dish + new style BUC+LNB

BUC = Block Up Converter to send cameraman's LIVE wild feed signals to Satellite from the Earth.
LNB = Low Noise Block (Down Converter) used to receive Newsroom Studio beam from Satellite.

Here are a few pics of it (Do not Quote images in reply, it makes the page long):

Uplink Van-n-Editing Studio:



90cm uplink dish with BUC+LNB:


Uplink Dish pointing to Asiasat 3S at 105.5°E:


really again excellent job bhai. :tup and nice that you have added watermarks too.keep it up. ;)
@Vinay : Unmatchable excellent work.... exclusive pics... keep it up :tup
+rep from me :tup
Great !
Thanks For This.
All News channels Have this Ob Van & we can view These mostly Metro Cities.
Mr.sudhansu said:
good pics brother & where do you got those ?

Sudhansu, These photos were clicked by me outside my house.
I live in an area where many politicians also reside, so reporters and media people often come to interview them.
Mr.sudhansu said:
good pics with detailed info :) , where do you live
just asking :huh

I live in Kandivali (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra in Western India.
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