Airtel digital TV tops the chart in India!


21 May 2011
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With an explosion in marketing messages and noise, it is hard for customers to make the right choice in the DTH space. To make things easier, Times of India, India's leading national daily decided to 'decode DTH' and do a side-by-side comparison of the DTH offerings.

The result - airtel digital TV is the best in the Tech category

In an independent research by the publication, airtel digital TV emerged as a clear winner amongst its competitors, offering a future ready system along with a great customer service experience.

The article compared the various service providers in various parameters, from the number of channels offered, to picture quality, mobile & internet recording, HD picture, interactive services and customer care, to name a few. airtel DTH has been named the most future ready, tech savvy DTH operator – stamping it to be the market leader!

Offering the customers a bouquet of more than 225 channels, with a number of HD channels and increasingly more options in niche content and interactive services, where airtel scores big is the speedy customer care! So be it uninterrupted signal in rain, its future ready approch or its mpeg4 compression clarity, airtel DTH is all the way.

As the article mentions "If you want the most technically advanced service (along with speedy customer care ), go with airtel"

We at airtel thank our customers for supporting us. This inspires us to raise the bar even more and consistently exceed expectations.

Read the article HERE
arvindp said:
As the article mentions "If you want the most technically advanced service (along with speedy customer care ), go with airtel"

Looks like paid article from Airtel. Speedy customer service is still a concern from ADTV. I hope ADTV users agree to this.
Yes speed customer service from ADTV is still a concern to me atleast.
They are most unresponsive.
They have added special link for this AD on their Website.
I think they have the capacity ,resources and Quality to beat other DTH's i.e Dishtv, TS ,Sun who have more subscribers than Airtel.
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