DTH updates Airtel Playlist Added in ADTV LCN 479 & Airtel Shorts Tv EPG Updated as Airtel Shorts TV Play

somnath chakraborty

29 Jun 2017
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Till now only 479 lcn Airtel music epg changed to airtel playlist
Other 2 lcn 552 and 489 epg showing airtel misic

Lcn 508 showing epg as i music space

3 diffent epg name same contents only lcn 479 have price tag written

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Will new year brings new surprise
Why i feel adtv and tata play will get merge in 2024
As two channels have play names on epg.

P.s it's my thinking/speculation only i in the end maybe proved wrong


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EPG changes as follows

514 Airtel Marathi Cinema - Airtel Marathi Masala
577 Airtel Gujarati Cinema - Airtel Majama
102 Airtel Zindagi - Airtel Zindagi Special
104 Airtel Comedy - Airtel Comedy Masala
123 Airtel Classic TV - Airtel Sunehre Pal
191 Airtel Theater - Airtel Spotlight
241 Airtel Shorts TV - Airtel Shorts TV Play
259 Airtel Shorts TV - Airtel Shorts TV Play
450 Airtel Toons - Airtel Fun Zone
467 Aakash Edu TV BYJU'S JEE - Airtel Aakash Edu TV BYJU'S JEE
478 Aakash Edu TV BYJU'S NEET - Airtel Aakash Edu TV BYJU'S NEET
671 Airtel Darshan - Airtel Divya Darshan
786 Airtel I Baadat - Airtel IItija
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