Breaking All major Sports Events will be broadcasted live on Doordarshan

Here is my outlook on this

Having more sports being available to general public in FTA mode is great step but at the same time government should address concerns of private broadcasters before implementing this order. In countries like UK too almost all of the sporting events r made available on FTA chs but FTA broadcaster pay certain amount to either buy the rights directly from event holder or pay tv broadcaster holding the rights sub licences it to FTA broadcaster. Also pay tv sports broadcasters have high monthly subscription fee for their chs and FTA ones get funding thru licence fee from viewers. This means somehow private pay tv sports broadcaster might not b at loss.

Here in India DD Sports is funded by government and they hardly acquire rights of any major sporting events. Private pay tv sports broadcasters have to share feed with DD Sports for all important events and inreturn DD shares 75% of ad revenue earned thru telecast of these events with private pay tv sports broadcasters. These private sports broadcasters charge affordable amount as subscription fee from viewers but buy sports event rights at extremely high price so question arises will it be financially viable for these broadcasters to operate in present scenario.

Well i would say they would do fine as even though DD Sports will get access to major sports events on sharing basis still private sports broadcasters will get enough revenue not only from DD Sports but telecast on their own pay chs be it thru ads or subscription. They can even have their own channels on DD Free Dish and air content on it, like making Star Sports First exclusive to Free Dish and pocket all the ad revenue. I do not see a situation where pay tv sports broadcasters will loose considerable amount of viewers to DD Free Dish thereby hurting them financially. If this happens then they can ofcourse raise the issue with the government and I m sure their issue will b addressed

Only thing which will concern private broadcasters and even operators is that they want more people to upgrade to pay tv platforms which surely will b difficult as more popular content is accessible on DD Free Dish
Big Screen Calculation : Hotstar TV subscription and DDFreeDish connection both almost cost same price 😜
Hotstar requires Laptop/Smart TV and high speed internet whereas old CRT TV is enough for DDFreeDish. You can switch to your mobile in case of travel or you are in office. Whereas you can carry DDFreeDish + TV with you but you boss won't like you installing DDFreeDish in office.
Not everything comes with zero problem.
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