Seeking Help ARC port support only 2.1 audio out??? iam struggling with my vu 43ua model tv.Can anybody help

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Issue is not solved after 3hr usage, switched off the tv .Now the same situation occurs .I don't know what the problem is
Please confirm that your TV is receiving 6 audio channels: Install Zee5 app and play a trailer in it. Then check "stats of player" in settings. In it, there is a line called "Audio capabilities maxChannelCount". If your TV can receive 6 channels, the count should be 6.
Speakers are perfectly fine, yesterday I bought a new HDMI 2.1 cable and connected to speaker I got 5 minutes 5.1 out after that it gone today also while opening time I got 5.1 few minutes
How do you determine whether you are getting 5.1 or 2.1 in your soundbar?
My rear speakers are not giving out
Thats not correct way bro. I have same soundbar but paired with Sony X80K. The rear speakers are actually surround speakers and they are not meant to give the same sound as that coming from soundbar drivers. Try any 5.1 video from youtube and pair the soundbar with TV through bluetooth. I have heard somewhere that S20R does dolby digital encoding through optical & bluetooth only and not through HDMI and maybe 5.1 has to do something with that.
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