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22 Mar 2011
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When there are no new and hard-hitting story ideas coming up, go for remakes. This is supposed to be the new mantra of the film industry these days.

Shailesh Singh, producer of Tanu Weds Manu, has bought the remaking rights of the 1985 Sunny Deol, Dimple Kapadia-starrer Arjun that was directed by Rahul Rawail.

Arjun was the story of a honest young man (Sunny Deol) who stays with his father. He stays with his father, mother and sister (Supriya Pathak). All his attempts of getting a job goes in vain. His father, though retired, works for an abusive employer just to support his family. One day he intervenes the beating up of a man by some local hoodlums. His life changes forever hereafter. One of his friends get killed by those hoodlums later and Arjun seeks to find out the person behind this. He finds out the person and kills him in broad daylight and is arrested….

He is given bail by a local politician who gives him all the support he needs to fight the hoodlums in the locality. Arjun finds a mission in his life and is quite content with what he is doing. Then he meets Geeta with whom he falls in love. Suddenly in some change in political setup, the politician ties up with the opposition.

The opposition leader is the same person against whose hoodlums Arjun was fighting. Now Arjun has no one to stand by him. He has to do things singlehandedly and punish those guilty.

The story of the remake will basically remain the same but since the issues that Sunny Deol’s character dealt with in the original film are no longer relevant, the story of the remake will be adapted to the present time.

The remake will have Nikhil Dwivedi in the title role.
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