Bheja Fry 2: The sequel trick that fails to deliver

26 May 2011
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MUMBAI: The advantage of sequels for the maker is that it helps cash in on the brand equity created by the earlier version while for the cine goer, it gives hope of a good entertainment. But while on maker rests the burden of living up to the original, a cine goer is unforgiving when let down.

Bheja Fry 2 is one such attempt, considering its director did not even want to change the name of the movie, which just shows that the idea is only to cash in on the success of the first part.

On this count, it depends a lot on the original id*ot of the gentry, Vinay Pathak. Alas, even Vinay Pathak would need a good script and original gags and the film falls way short here.

The first half has nothing to laugh about; there are no gags, no funny scenes only long drawn scenes pieced together. Finally you laugh at yourself for falling for this sequel trick.

Vinay Pathak has won a TV quiz show and a prize of Rs 2.5 million and a two-night three-day cruise. For whatever reason, the show's producer, Rahul Vohra, as well as his aides join the cruise; also, lured to join in thanks to Vohra's aide Minsisha Lamba is Kay Kay Menon, his only intention being to seduce her.

Kay Kay Menon is also running away from an income tax raid. Soon he realises that Vinay Pathak is an income tax officer who, he assumes, is tracking him. He decides to get rid of him by hook or by crook. Not a very plausible premise really; thinking this is supposed to be a comedy one may overlook the fact. But, then, where is the comedy? In an attempt to throw Vinay Pathak overboard, Kay Kay Menon also ends up falling in the sea. Both end up on a deserted island. Here till end, except for a few intermittent funny moments, the film falls flat. Gags which needed to be one-liners are long drawn and childish.

The film depends almost entirely on Vinay Pathak who, while still doing his id*ot with native intelligence well, is becoming repetitive. Kay Kay Menon is okay, being the one to bear the brunt of Vinay Pathak's idiocy. Amol Gupte is too loud. No demands are made on rest of the cast and none proffered. Direction suffers sticking to the loose script with repetitive scenes. Editing is slack.

Bheja Fry 2 is an average fare not meeting the expectations created by its title.
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