Big Tv decoder on ships using hotbird 13e


10 Jul 2011
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I am on a ship equipped with a self adjusting antennae that rotates and adjusts itself to follow hotbird 13e satellite. we are equipped with some European decoders with very expensive and minutely small channel packages mostly in French and Polish.

is it possible to use bit TV or any other DTH decoders available in India to decode and watch Indian channels. I could get any as per your suggestion. which would offer the most number of channels when using the hotbird 13e satellite.

will i have to plug the decoder directly to the cable from the dish or can i plug it into the cable that comes out through the European decoder. the present setup is such that the cable from the dish is connected to the European decoder and then it is distributed to all the cabins on the ship.

All your help would be greatly appreciated by us Indians on board.:(
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