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BN7 gears for budget with ‘BK’ (1 Viewer)


30 Aug 2013
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MUMBAI: Amidst high expectations of investors in India and globally, key stakeholders are now hoping for the next leg of reforms to be revealed in the upcoming Union Budget. The economy is on the path of recovery – will Budget 2015 give it further impetus? Will the common man benefit? What will be the impact in areas that affect the common man such as housing, inflation, commodity prices etc.? As the euphoria continues around the ‘Modi wave’, and the new government gears up to present the first full budget on 28 February, IBN7 has lined up a series of special pre-budget programme that will analyse and identify the expectations of people from the budget.
The pre-budget series will have a special character BK (Budget Kumar) who will draw attention to the issues and concerns of the people and bring it to the attention of the Finance Minister. BK will stamp his own unique style on the show – adding a different dimension to the channel’s budget programming. Owing to the common man’s perspective, Union Budget 2015 will be a test on the promise of good times by the Modi government. IBN7 will present a unique way of understanding the nation’s expectations by becoming one of them. BK will leave no stone unturned to bring forth the voice of the common man and his / her hopes from our elected government. http://www.indiantelevision.com/television/tv-channels/news-broadcasting/ibn7-gears-for-budget-with-bk-150217

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