Discussion Should Indian Movie production studios venture into television broadcasting?

No, they shouldn't and is a terrible idea. A production company should focus on getting its content spread across multiple services and making them available in multiple languages, investing in subtitling and dubbing and marketing them properly.
Setting up a whole network just for a decaying and embarassing TV system like India's is a shot in the feet. Getting a FAST channel is infinitely better and you can get to monetise your content and license them out in other discovery ecosystems.
Many also need to invest in remastering their content.

According to media industry experts, the past few years have seen a 40% drop in viewership and advertising for movie channels.

The crisis, having begun before the pandemic, has aggravated in the two years since.

The decline in viewership for movie channels, media industry experts said, is due to the fact that the same content is available on multiple platforms.
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