Discussion Can a delayed broadcast of IPL on Star Sports First ruin Jio's free stream strategy for IPL?

Is Star Sports airing a delayed IPL for free a good move?

  • Yes, it will increase reach among viewers.

  • No, bad for ad revenue for pay Star Sports channels.

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The way star sport first shoing sa vs win test ehi knows star not use star sports 1st channel with no delay feed exclusive to big rivalry ipl matches ex csk vs rcb
Or mi vs csk
I know around 2017 DD sports aired a 1 hour delayed live feed of ipl for DDFD and they called it D/LIVE. So, I know that delayed feed of ipl is very frustrating. So I don't think anyone watches a delayed match on ssfirst and any channel, why won't he watch live on jio cinema.
But if they live some matche like opener, playoffs and some best matches like CSKvMi etc on DDfd by channels like star utsav movies etc., that boost their ipl revenue. They also lived some match of pkl on star utsav movies for DDFD consumers.

Very simple bcoz watching on Jio cinema requires internet. Also if one wants to watch it on TV then DD Free Dish subscribers or others would have to opt for Jio Cable too. Remember we r here discussing about the subscriber base which has minimal or no access to internet and even smart boxes or smart TV.

Star Sports can reach out to DD Free Dish / FTA segment of viewers by launching Star Sports First as an exclusive channel on DD Free Dish and expand reach/revenue for IPL on TV/Linear mode thereby also helping compete effectively with Jio Cinema in this space.

Back in 2017 i believe there was some understanding reached between Star Sports and Prasar Bharti to make delayed feed of IPL available on DD Sports for DD Free Dish subscribers. As i can remember government undertook this initiative so that people not having financial resources to opt for Pay TV Platforms or OTT/Internet can watch select IPL matches for free as DD Sports aired delayed feed of such matches
I posted same thing during IPL media rights auction.

I posted same thing during IPL media rights auction.

Is Star Sports First have slot in DDFD now?
Is Star Sports First have slot in DDFD now?
Star sports first not has ddfd slot now. But, who knows on 1st April ssfirst has a DDfd slot. Ddfd invites brodcasters who wants there channels on ddfd platform. And if star sports network participates there channel ssfirst on e-auction and won then we can watch ssfirst on ddfd platform on 1st April.
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