Discussion Comparison of HD english Pack between Tata Sky and Sun direct

So just make a thread on having a new connection or review. What next he will compare English and Hindi GEC.

Nowhere I put targeting or defamation.
I'm just saying there is no need to create new thread on every next day we have general discussion for Sun DTH.
First of all we should understand a difference between post in General Discussion Thread & A Content in New thread .. New thread content always attract members & guests of the forum and reach also will be high .. do you think how many of them will go and check general Discussion Thread everytime ?? It'll be very less

So only new threads are being creating else we can dump everything in general discussion thread isn't it ??

I too thought everybody know the answer for the difference between the top-up price but nobody knows what is the reason for this difference on top-up price in post NTO era ??

So valuable question raised here let's we discuss if anybody knows the answer they may share here 🙂
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My only guess is Sun might clubbed times bouquet and not providing other channels
My only guess is Sun might clubbed times bouquet and not providing other channels
Yes bro, Your guess almost right.

Based on your thread, I made further analysis...

I calculated English channels in Tata sky as alacarte basis and it's coming exactly as seen in the screenshot Rs.133.34.

However, if I calculate Sun direct..Its should come Rs.92. But it's not coming nearer to Rs.92 when I try to club the bouquet in every alternate way.

Times Bouquet Rs. 20
Star Bouquet : Rs 25
Zee English Channels Rs. 25
Sony Pix Rs. 15.

Total amount is Rs.85

If calculated all channels individually,

All the 8 channels total amount coming as Rs. 107. If I exclude Sony Pix HD and include all other channels the price is Rs.92 which is exactly with Sun direct Pricing..

If I calculate Times Bouquet as only bouquet,

Times Bouquet Rs 20
Star Movies HD RS 15
& Prive HD RS 19
& flix HD RS 19
Sony Pix HD RS 15

Total amount Rs 96.

Apart from this I also made another combination, but still it's not nearing Rs.92


BTW, while comparing I found that if Sun direct users need all English Movie HD channel, they should go for Taking Bouquet instead of using Jodi pack, we can save about 10Rs while taking the channel bouquet wise...and all we will get some additional channels...👍😀😀🙂
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