Good News Completed 8 lovely years in DDF

Congrats Bishnu of my most favourite person.. remembering of those days(2014, 2015 & 2016) where we used to fight with other DTH users to defend Sun direct DTH and got banned several times

I can still able to remember all those fights and arguments with other members to defend Sun direct.😊
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Congratulations brother . .
8 long year you are committed in this forum.
Wish you all the best In your life.

1. It was one fine morning on 7th April, 2012 I searched for a good DTH forum in google. The first result that popped out was

2. I did not hesitate to open it.

3. What I have shared, compared to what I have gathered is very little.

1. So Google was the culprit. Is it?😜
2. Oh, so it was your mistake too. 😒
3. I like your honesty. 🤐

PS: nothing...😂
Many congratulations, Bishnu dada. Your faithfulness to Sun Direct is unmatched, and it is now reaping rich dividends. Beyond that, as I have seen, you're a genuinely nice person to be with. Here's to many more successful years.

P.S. I forgot to mention my own anniversary. I officially joined on 2 April 2017, even though my profile says 5 October 2014.
Congratulations @Bishnu15 bro. Thanks for giving the love and affection always. Great contributions made by you all over the years. Wish you all the success in life. :)
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