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7 Apr 2012
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Hi Friends,

I hope that you all are in the pink of your health amidst the spread of Covid -19 disease (via corona virus) . This is a very tough time for all. I hope, this tough time passes away quickly. Amidst all this, today is 07/04/2020 and I am happy to announce that today I have completed 8 lovely years in DDF. 8 lovely active years. All these 8 years have been a learning curve for me. I have gathered ample knowledge and shared few. What I have shared, compared to what I have gathered is very little. It was one fine morning on 7th April, 2012 I searched for a good DTH forum in google. The first result that popped out was I did not hesitate to open it. I immediately created my account and rest is history. In these 8 long years of journey I too made some mistakes, I admit it. Then again, my friends helped me a lot. I must thank our mentor @Bapun Raz bro for his constant support. He has always helped us be it in happier moments or in our distressed times. Actually I consider him one of my family member as this is really second family. These 8 years have been the best part of my life. Today, I cannot think of my life without DDF. Yes, at times I too become a bit busy with my school. Barring that, I always try to give time to my second home. I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of my friends here. (Everyone is helpful, but if I don't name a few, it would be injustice to them.
First thanks to Bapun & Vikram bhai.
I would thank @Gobinaath @Chezhiyan @Anish Pai @mmadhankumar Anna, @Siva @Basil @Gssran @SarfaRaZ @Sagar @Rushil @amarnathkvk @Optimus_Prime @ABCDEFGH @shawl_who @DJ Roy @Prashant Shridhar @ramesh sky bros for their constant help and support. It is not possible to mention all the names in one single thread, hence sorry. The list is huge and I love you all.
I admit, sometimes I could not give much time due to other commitments but seriously every time I used to think of DDF. When I was seriously ill last year, all your prayers and blessings came good. I am totally all right now.
It would be incomplete if I don't mention the names of two inactive members who too was very supportive - @Vicky bro @M.J.Sadiq Anna.
I once again render my best wishes to all the administrators of this family. I am happy that news items are being published now. I read them, very nice writings those are. If I get time, I too will try to post articles later, at the moment little busy with online school classes.
Finally, I hope that all the members of this family are safe. Stay safe, stay at home. God bless you all. God bless @Bapun Raz @Vikram bhai. Love you all.
We would fight the battle together and eradicate this Corona virus.
With love,
Yours bishnu15
Last Message at the end: Stay safe, stay happy. No Covid can prevent us to be safe and happy.
Congrats Bishnu Dada.... 8 years... Its very very log..

You given 8 years to DDF... 🤘🤘🤟🤟
Congratulations Bishnu Bro. :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
8 years is no joke bro, and it takes lot of will power to continuously be active on the forum and interest to continue journey here.

Wishing you all the very best and hoping you will post more good posts.
Congratulations bro. :drink:

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