DDF Exclusive Create New Logos for Non-existent/Defunctional/Upcoming TV Channels


4 Sep 2020
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This was a much-needed thread for enthusiastic people who want to create logos for Non-existent, Defunctional or Upcoming TV Channels.

Here are rules:
1. The logo should be for Non-existent, Defunctional or Upcoming channels. In case you want to do same for an Existing Channel, go DDF Exclusive - DDF Re-Branded Logos for TV Channels: Unleash Your Creativity Here!
2. The logo should not be the existing or proposed official logo for an existing or an upcoming channel.
3. The logo should be your own creation; do not post what is not yours.

Kindly note that:
1. This is not a contest; this is only a recreational activity for creative members.
2. Watermarking your logos will decrease the chances of theft or plagiarism; thus it is suggested to use your watermarks on logos.

Let's start!
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Here's my try:
Sun Bangla HD


Sony Aath HD


Colors Bangla Cinema HD

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