Daniel Craig to visit Mumbai


22 Mar 2011
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Daniel Craig will make a date with Mumbai, and not Delhi, contrary to reports.

Line producer of " Bond 23", Pravesh Sahni, said, "We sought permission for Delhi, but director Sam Mendes preferred to shoot in Mumbai.

He loves Bombay. They wanted to capture Indian streets to show crowded lanes." Goa and Ahmedabad are the other two locations where "Bond 23" will be shot. After reports that the film might shift to South Africa because of permission trouble with the railway ministry, railway minister Dinesh Trivedi met the film's team. Sahni said, "The minister promised he would help us. He also told us he is a huge Bond fan." Dinesh Trivedi told us, "I had a meeting with the unit and told them that I can't compromise on safety, security and punctuality, I don't wish to inconvenience people, and I can't compromise on the image of India. I was shown a dummy that had a photo of many people riding on the roof of a train. That's no longer the truth because it would mean there are many ticketless travellers. I wouldn't want such depiction in the film. The unit has agreed to it. I would also want Daniel Craig to be the brand ambassador for Indian Railways. It could be just one line where he does the endorsement."

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