Direc TV : The US Open Experience

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5 Aug 2011
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Exclusive bonus coverage of the year's final slam — compliments of DIRECTV.
DIRECTV, in partnership with ESPN and Tennis Channel, brings you unprecedented coverage of the US Open. From August 29 to September 6, watch exclusive live coverage of the outer-court and early-round matches. Plus, get up to six matches at the same time on the Mix Channel (Ch. 701). All in HD and only on DIRECTV. The US Open Experience is available to all DIRECTV customers at no extra charge.

US Open Mix Channel
Watch up to 6 live matches all at the same time (ch. 701), including the network broadcast plus five bonus channels of outer-court coverage you won't see anywhere else. And you can see all the matches in crystal-clear HD*. Select any one channel and tune in directly†. The Mix Channel is your advantage.

Match Guide
Press the RED button on your remote and see scores from matches in progress on the court channels (chs. 702-707), plus the schedule for upcoming matches. This interactive feature will be available throughout the tournament†.

Recent Results
See real-time scores for both in-progress and competed matches, and find out who is getting ready to take the court. Press the RED button on our remote and select Recent Results to activate†.

Men's and Women's Draws
How'd they get there? Who will they face next? You can find out who advanced and who didn't by simply pressing the RED button on your remote and selecting Men's or Women's Draws. A complete round-by-round chart will show you which players are still in it and which players are headed home†.

See it all in HD
Get a better view than the umpire to see if the ball is in or out. With DIRECTV HD, you experience all the great rivalries and action in super-rich detail. To get the most out of your High-Def TV, you gotta hook it up to DIRECTV HD*.
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