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6 Aug 2011
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I asked the two dish tv dealers here for CAM, THey did not have any idea what is it for, AT least one of them agreed to take a look online, And said when he was working in Middle east , he had this type of thing in the receiver to watch some dth service there, SO at least he knows what this is now,Then I went to dish tv website and registered for what is called a post paid home delivery, after a few mins one id*ot called me and asked for my pin code, I gave it and after a few min waiting that fellow asked for my mobile number, I gave that too, and then I received an sms of the adress of both the same dealers, So I told him that I know these two people personally, and asked him where I will get cam, He says I can ask them, that is all he could do and that is all he can say.So I told him, I hate both these guys and want the stb online, He says he dont know anything about that
Well so purchasing online, means registering a tel number and DISH-tv calls you and give adress of a local dealer, I thought buy DISH-TV online means, I just pay online and the stb is delivered to me, You have to experience the service like this. Pretty pathetic
Its really pathetic. Now a days customers are very much interested in online purchase.
If they continues to do this they may end up loosing number one spot. Sometime I wonder why I can't find many dishtv's dish here in Mumbai. This kinda service might be the reason for this.
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