Does the HD DVR Box support 60Hz output?

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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My current box is the HD PVR that I got in 2011 and even that doesn't support 60Hz, I was using a converter until now and now that converter is about to die (Symptoms noticed) and so this question now, in the context of, why invest on a converter rather than getting a different box.
Because of monopoly. Tata Sky is the only DTH provider today who is having a real DVR STB with inbuilt 500 GB HDD (unlike pen drive/USB recording STBs).

ramesh sky

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20 Feb 2013
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TS technicolour cardless hd STB

And my LG country settings

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13 Mar 2015
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You find only in technicolor cardless hd STB , this option.
1080i 50 htz
1080i 60 htz
Yes, that is the regular HD box, I was asking about the DVR box and none of those seem to have that option for sure.
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