Dolly Bindra's belly dancing on Ratan Ka Rishta


22 Mar 2011
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Wondering where actress Dolly Bindra was lost? Well, here's the news, the big mouth of the television world was busy learning belly dancing for Ratan Rajput's mehndi ceremony on Ratan Ka Rishta. The actress had requested the channel (Imagine TV) to bring in Saroj Khan to choreograph her dance.

Reportedly, Dolly will be shaking her leg on the dance numbers 'Munni' and 'Sheila'. She has been practicing for nearly 10 hours everyday. "I am sure the viewers will be surprised. Saroj Khanji has given me amazing moves. In no way will my performance be similar to what Malaika and Katrina have done in their respective numbers," told Dolly to TOI.

"With Sarojji as mentor, even the toughest dance class appears easy. Learning from her is an interesting mix of masti and hard work," she added. Well, don't dare and miss the show by Dolly Bindra
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