Good News DreamDTH now sports a fresh avatar with new logo

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This is a much-needed change, rather a refreshment for our ever-expanding community and website. This reflects the progress that we made in recent years, which is there for all to see and the new targets we aim to achieve through our arsenal! Great going, everyone! Keep it up! Thank You for your invaluable contributions!
My best wishes to DDF 😎👍

But still I like the old one only may be in coming days I may be get used to it 🙂
Now i know why it's changed. I was looking for old logo at google image by writing DDF. And it's showing results from a ***n site.. 😂
Refresh Looking .
But push notification doesn't showing this new logo, instead of this showing google chrome own logo at the notification panel
The New logo shows we are learning and progressing in right direction towards success..
Well Done Guyzz:clap2:
The new logo design concept:

The 'D' (at the bottom) incorporates 'satellite dish (DTH)' and 'wifi signal (OTT/Telecom)' (at the top), symbolizing a 'target' depicting that we always hit the target when it comes to news related to all this stuff. Glad you guys liked our concept.

The top blue background color linked to many other properties of the rest of the forums, but we have planned on improving it.

We still have few fine tunings still left.
Keep this note in first post in mind.👇

Favicon seems to be not updated, still the old one.
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