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1 Feb 2019
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Hello Friends, Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2023βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
We are back with most awaited Poll i.e. DTH of The Year 2022.

So it's time for us to vote for the DTH of the Year 2022!

So cast your vote for DTH of the Year. We requests members to vote on the basis of DTH's performance during the entire year and on other factors instead of Your's favorite DTH.

Control your emotions, love and affection for your favorite DTH and hit the vote button to the deserving one. Don't Vote blindly for any DTH.

Poll will be closed on: 14 Jan 2023
Results on: 15 Jan 2023

Performance in 2022:

Additional of Channels by DTH


πŸ‘‰JANUARY 2022 - Tata Play
πŸ‘‰FEBRUARY 2022 - Tata Play
πŸ‘‰MARCH 2022 -Tata Play
πŸ‘‰APRIL 2022 - Tata Play
πŸ‘‰MAY 2022 - Tata Play & Sun Direct
πŸ‘‰JUNE 2022 - Tata Play
πŸ‘‰JULY 2022 - Airtel Digital TV
πŸ‘‰AUGUST 2022 - Tata Play
πŸ‘‰SEPTEMBER 2022 - Tata Play
πŸ‘‰OCTOBER 2022 - Tata Play
πŸ‘‰NOVEMBER 2022 - Tata Play
πŸ‘‰DECEMBER 2022 -Tata Play


TATA PLAY0/27/21/54/21/26/01/16/15/03/27/31/5
AIRTEL DIGITAL TV4/13/24/36/56/23/011/25/12/11/04/02/3
DISH TV1/03/00/07/12/05/01/01/10/00/13/10/0
SUN DIRECT0/11/14/15/03/72/02/01/01/01/00/01/0
DD FREE DISH0/00/10/012/110/01/12/03/10/00/00/11/0

  1. Data is excluding service channels
  2. Radio channels & channels removed by broadcasters not counted
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So adtv added 52 channels
Adtv removed 20 channels
And tata play added 41 channels
Tata play removed 25 channels
Dd free dish added 19 channels
Dd free dish Removed 15 channels
Dish tv added 23 channels
Dish tv removed 4 channels
d2h 24 added channels
D2h removed 9 channels
Sun Direct Added 21 channels
Sun direct renoved 10

Data courtesy above post
So as per no of channels addition basis i voted for adtv
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None of above .
Best service and cheap monthly packages
Only On
Dialog dth
Sorry to say that. It depends on economy too. A failing economy will likely to have cheaper packs when people can barely afford meals. Entertainment here is considered luxury so they are giving for cheap.
Exactly, our country counts it under 2nd highest tax slab of 18%, just below 28% slab of items like Cars, AC, Cigarettes, etc.
With stone in my heart I am gonna vote for Tata Play. Although I hate the pink new logo. It feels like br**st cancer awareness month logo. Dropping off iconic brand like Sky which IMO is the best satellite dish provider on the planet. Degradation in service post rebrarding. Than you got the Increasing minimum recharge from β‚Ή50 to β‚Ή100. Than they ended the year with a big Binge logo. Meanwhile competition didn't do much this year. Airtel did got a beautiful logo that doesn't interrupt viewing. They did decreased price of box. Than again who hasn't. Cable people are giving away connection for almost free. Cable and DTH provider has learnt they are losing grip to OTT. They had to aggressively acquire customers which Tata Play understood. They not only have cheap long term pack. They take care of OTT viewer are like me by offering important channels on Jingalala offers. Unless others to do same. They will lose their market. So I am still gonna vote for Tata Play despite all the negative experiences last year.

Also I had made my mind when I streamed World Cup on Tata Play app during World Cup taking care of both my TV and OTT needs.
Hope that this year will be filled with positivity for Tata Play. In this year, Tata Play can improve & work more where they are lacking behind.
Voted for Airtel Digital TV
- Great offers on New HD / XStream Box connection which included huge discounts on regular days and additional discounts in various special sale days

- Lots of affordable / low price region specific / retention / new acquisition / regular DPO bouquets / packs launched by them all thru the year thus providing favourite channels to viewers at minimal cost

- Many new channels added on the platform which again added to the vast array of content offering available on the platform.

- Major improvements in audio / video quality of channels as a result of maintenance activities carried out thru the year. Also "no" signal outage faced due to technical glitch in 2022 .

- New stylish / compact airtel logo introduced across all channels on the platform thus leading to enhancement in viewing experience for the subscribers

- Introduction of many good offers/discounts for DTH subscribers under Airtel Black DTH combo plans (for details refer to Airtel Black DTH plans General Discussion Thread).

- Number of Improvements done on Airtel Thanks be it fixing bugs, glitches, errors, updating correct information and bettering the overall user interface / navigation experience. Even airtel digital tv website has underwent revamp with many customer friendly options introduced. On ground after sales service has also been improved with less revert back time / quick resolution by technicians, better coordination between backend and field staff, Customer Care /Airtel Presence team too now provide swift redrresssal to issues and have good insight about various things

- Great range of OTT packs / combo packs offered by Airtel Digital TV alongwith many complimentary / free OTT subscription offered on new connections or to Airtel Black , Airtel Mobile / Broadband users who opt for a New DTH connection.

- Maintaining low service visit cost and minimum recharge amount of Rs. 50 for active subscribers and Rs. 150 for deactivated subscribers. Free Service visits and extended warranty for Airtel Black DTH combo plan users. Since Tata Play increased minimum recharge amount and reintroduced Service Visit fee of Rs. 100 so Airtel Digital TV and Tata Play r on par now in this matter.

- New Whatsapp service support account launched thus making it easier for subscribers to manage their DTH Account or log in complaints and track them
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