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26 Feb 2014
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Yesterday midnight i was trying to add SS Select 1 HD and had a horrific experience. At 12:50am i added the channel through app and kept getting "your request is still under process". I kept trying to add since the match was about to start in another 30mins. Kept getting the same message. As always when i get that error i contact CC who usually resolves it within seconds. But yesterday that wasn't the case.

When i requested the cc executive to add the channel he said that modification cannot be done from his side. He kept saying channel would be added soon if you've already added it through app. Although this is usually true and the channel does eventually get added it wasn't on time for me and i ended up streaming it on my phone. The channel was added early morning which was of no use for me. Also, Tata sky app kept showing error when i tried contacting cc multiple times. I can't understand how the traffic is high at 1am?

Bottom line is even when there's nothing important TS can fail you so in case there's something important you have to watch add that channel well in advance. Usually CC is very good and does help at such times but yesterday it wasn't the case.



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