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HBO HD to launch on 4 September


24 Nov 2014
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RE: HBO HD to launch on Sept 4th

This news already shared earlier by KV bro..



21 Dec 2015
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HBO HD Launching on September -4

HBO HD to launch on 4 September
MUMBAI: After receiving approval from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB), HBO HD will launch on 4 September.
HBO HD is priced at Rs 35. Like many other HD channels, this will be a mirror feed of the standard definition feed.
As reported earlier by TelevisionPost.com, the channel replaces HBO Hits.
Like other HD channels, HBO HD will carry fewer ads. Typically, an HD channel carries anywhere from four to seven minutes of airtime in an hour depending on the season.
The original plan was to launch HBO HD in April 2016. However, regulatory approvals took time.
As reported earlier by TelevisionPost.com, HBO was refreshed earlier this year with a fresh new look reflecting a complete revamp of content and audience engagement.
The channel’s present tagline is ‘Experience the Magic’. HBO’s new packaging aims to reflect a youthful and aspirational viewer demographic, and was redesigned to present content to a local, but worldly, audience.
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