How to enter CCW keys to dreambox 800


3 Nov 2010
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create a new folder on your desktop and call it DM800.
open dreambox control center (DCC).
connect to your dream box.
After you get the massage network OK on top, press FTP on the left side of DCC.
On the right side is your computer. follow the links to your newly created DM800 file and open it.(it is empty).
now, on the left side of your screen using your shift key highlight everything from bin to var
using the right arrow in the middle of DCC transfer all files to the newly created DM800 file.
this could take 3-4 minutes.
once transfered. close DCC. and on the desktop open dm800. using the search option (top right on win7) search for " keys " . this will show you the key folder and the path to it.
you can search for any file this way.And it works with all dreamboxes and linux based sharing receivers with IP.

once you know the location. use DCC to find your path to the file you want Edit or replace it
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