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Kids to rule the ramp in ‘Mini Models’on Fashion One (1 Viewer)

Dinesh jain

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3 Feb 2014
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Fashion and lifestyle channel Fashion
One is set to launch a new special series
featuring new faces in the modelling industry.
The new show, ‘Mini Models’, will showcase kids
ruling the ramp.

Premiering on 28 January, the show will air at 10
pm on Wednesday on Fashion One and Fashion
One HD.

The series will inform viewers about the
children’s modelling industry including the
world’s top child modelling agencies and
designer brands and fashion magazine covers.

Kids to rule the ramp in 'Mini Models' on Fashion One | TelevisionPost.com


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7 Nov 2012
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But, why fashion one chnl news is covered in televisionpost website, when dis chnl doesnt have downlink permission into India :huh

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