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21 Dec 2020
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Hello Friends!
I am new to this forum. It is a great forum. I missed it all these years.
My passion for tracking satellites dates back to 1994.
Then I used to track satellites in C band with my 6ft home made dish.
After a break of about 10 years I am resuming my hobby.
My Coordinates are Latitude: 16.43584 N and Longitude: 80.99003.Recently I acquired DMS diseq motor and Open-box receiver and using a 4ft modified dish on it.
Fortunately, most of the Geo-stationary arc is available in my place, except at the ends, where some buildings obstruct it.
Presently for the past one month I have been tracking the Ark and receiving KU Band signals from the following satellites:

Banga bandhu at 119.3E
SES 7 at 108.2 E
SES 8 at 95 E
Gsat at 93.5 E
Measat 3 at 91.5 E
ST2 at 88 E
Gsat 10 at 83 E
ABS 2 at 75 E
Gsat 18 at 74 E
NSS 12 57 E
Gsat 8 at 55 E
Al Yah1 at 52.5 E
Azerspace at 45 E
Paksat 1R at 38 E

Can any one inform me are there any other satellites I am missing that are receivable at my place in KU band.
With regards.

G-sat 30 not recievable at your place? It is Tata sky's satellite.
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