Breaking Lady Superstar Nayanthara going to host 1 Vs 100 (U.S Game Show) in Tamil format on Colors Tamil ?


27 Nov 2016
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Colors Tamil is aggressively advertising the has tag #NayanonColorsTamil across social media with Nayanthara pic, All the popular websites are stating that Nayanthara going to host upcoming season of Bigg Boss for a whopping salary from Colors. Some websites are stating Nayanthara going to be the judge of Dance Vs Dance next season . One more speculation is she is going to be the host for talk show with the celebraties. Even though lots of rumours going around media Colors Tamil still not reveal in which show she is going to be appear.
Source:Colors Tamil, Major Television Websites

Source for 1 vs 100 : Indiaglitz channel
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I think thread title should be changed Since it is also your speculation that she will host Big b*ss Tamil 3 and not any credible sources.
My speculation damn go and Google it id*ot
Truth hurts, right? You have been always doing speculations and whenever members asked you silently escaped. Recently you were banned for the same after reports.

First you do not follow rules, when someone asks you don't reply, then we ban you so you can make up mind and be mature, correct your mistakes but again you commit same mistake post ban. That's what idiocy is.

Some of your recent threads to remind you of your insane deeds:

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Furthermore, there are various posts on many threads by you which are also fake/speculations.

YOU HAVE TO SHARE PROPER SOURCES instead of asking members to go and Google. If you wanted them to Google only then you should have shared here at first place since they would have gotten it one day at Google if they wanted.

Now you decide who is an id*ot. He or you. Saying since you called him id*ot for no reason. If you ask me or any members we will say its you!

Its high time you self realize this. Self realization is important to have you correct your mistakes since you think anyone who correct your mistake is an id*ot. If you can't, we have to bet you a bye from here forever.
News speculates around multiple YouTube channels and FB pages but no concrete source for anything so far. We have to wait for Color's official confirmation. But my mind says, she will not host BB.
My favorite heroine lady superstar nayanthara hosting good to see. Few years back in 2011 i met her in AVM Studio in shooting was close standing to her she shook my hand i cant forgot those moments.
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