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List of 56 satellites tracked by me


14 Sep 2022
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Guys this is the list of satellites tracked by me my dish size is 5 feet(prime focus)/ 6 feet fiber dish
Place Dehradun
0.8°W Ku band
Good News - Tracked 0.8°w | DreamDTH - Television Discussion Forums
3°e Ku
Hunted Eutelsat [email protected]°e
4°e Ku Astra
Good News - Tracked Astra 4A | DreamDTH - Television Discussion Forums
7°e ku
Hunted Eutelsat 7A
9°e ku
Hunted Eutelsat 9B again
Sanpshots of Eutelsat 9B
10°e ku
Hunted Eutelsat 9B again
Sanpshots of Eutelsat 9B
13°e ku
Hunted much awaited Hotbird | DreamDTH - Television Discussion Forums
16°e Ku
Tracked Eutelsat 16A @16°e
20°e C
Hunted Arabsat C band @20°e
21°e Ku
Tracked Eutelsat 21B using 75 Cm dish
25°e ku
Re tuned Badr sat @26e
26°e ku
Tracked Badr5 Using 75cm Dish
30°e Ku
Good News - Tracked Arab sat @30°e(Ku) band) | DreamDTH - Television Discussion Forums
36°e ku
Eutelsat 36B cactchable in Dehradun using 60cm Dish
38°e C/Ku
Paksat added 1 New KU band TP
39°e ku
Tracked Hellas sat @39°e
40°e ku
Tracked AM7 @40e
42°e ku
Hunted 1 tP of Turksat using small dish in Dehradun
45°e ku
Intelsat 12A can be catch easily in North India
48°e ku Afghansat
Afghansat 1 48.0E can be easily catch in Dehradun using 60cm dish
49°e C
Hunted Yamal 202 @Dehradun using 150cm dish
50°e ku
Hunted Turksat 4B at 50E
52°e ku monacosat
Tracked monacosat at 52°e | DreamDTH - Television Discussion Forums
52.5°e ku Yahsat
Finally Yahsat1A at 52.5°E in my Kitty
53°e ku
WATAN TV added on Express AM6
54.5°e ku
Hunted Yamal 402 at 54.9°e | DreamDTH - Television Discussion Forums
57°e C
Hunted NSS12 C band
58°e ku
Re tuned Kazsat 3 and got 174 channels
64°e C/ku
Yes Solid HDS2-9048 supports symbol rate more than 45000
Tracked Intelsat 906 @64°e
66°e C
Tracked Intelsat @66°e C band
68.5°e C
Tracked 68.5°e using 5 feet prime focus dish
70°e Ku
Hunted Eutelsat 70°e
74°e Ku
Hunted ABS 2 at 75.0°E yesterday
75°e C/ku(No Russian beam)
Hunted ABS 2 at 75.0°E yesterday
Hunted [email protected] C band using prime focus 5 feet dish
76.5°e C/ku
Tracked Apstar C band @76.5°e
78.5°e C/ku
Hunted Thaicom(Ku band) 78.5°E Using 150Cm dish
Thaicom C band @78.5°e
83°e C/Ku
85°e ku
Hunted Horizons 2 @ 84.8°E
88°e C/Ku
Hunted ST2 C band @88°e using 5 feet prime focus dish
90°e C
Hunted Yamal 401-C @90°e
91°e C/ku
Tracked Measat 3 @91.5°e C band using prime focus 5 feet dish
93.5°e C/ku
Hunted again insat [email protected]°
95°e ku
96.5°e C/Ku
Today tracked express [email protected]°e
Tracked express [email protected]°e C band
97.3°e Ku
Good News - Aligned my dish to 97.3e | DreamDTH - Television Discussion Forums
100.5°e C/ku
Tracked Asia sat 5 C band @100.5°e
103°e Ku
Tracked express [email protected]°
105°e C/ku
Hunted AS7 @105°e C band
108°e ku
113°e C
Tracked Palapa D @113°e C band
115°e C
116°e Ku
Hunted ABS7 @116.0°E
122°e C
Tracked Asiasat4 @122°e C band
125°e C
Hunted Chinasat C band @125°e
128°e Ku
Tracked Unknown satellite with 50ch
Tracked Laosat @128.5°e
134°e C/ku
Receiving 2 TP of Apstar 6 in Dehradun Using 60cm Dish
138°e C/ku
telestar [email protected] 138 Degree can be catch in dehradun using 60cm dish
Re aligned to Telstar @138.0°E
Tracked Apstar 18 @138°e C band
At your location you are favored by many beams not like here in Kenya 🇰🇪


22 Jul 2014
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At your location you are favored by many beams not like here in Kenya 🇰🇪
But bad part is I can't track satellites meant for African continent as well, somewhere I am getting benefits and on other hands I have some drawbacks too.
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