Monika slaps Ankit


22 Mar 2011
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TV couples Monika Singh and Ankit Gera ( Pratigya fame)
succumbed to the harsh demands of a relationship.

Their affair went kaput a month and a half ago and Monika voiced her pain in a bare-it-all interview with us. Though both the actors claim that they have moved on but the truth seems to be anything but this. And not at least from Monika’s end. The lady who has been jilted in love used the power of pen rather script to vent her anger and frustration on her former lover Ankit. A scene required her to slap Ankit, her on-screen son, hard across his face for insulting his father and guess what Monika made the most of it. She slapped Ankit with all the power she could muster which left him dumbfounded. Minutes later, Ankit stormed out of the sets and announced that he would resume the shoot only after Monika apologises to him. Our khabroo informs, “During a shot, Nainaji (Monika) slaps her son Adarsh (Ankit) for insulting his father. The reel life situation became a platform to take out the real life revenge for Monika. She slapped him so hard that it left his cheek swollen and red as a beetroot. After the unexpected turn in the dead relationship, Adarsh felt so humiliated that he refused to shoot with Monika any more. When called for explanation, the actress called it an accident and that if Ankit wants her to apologise, she is ready to do so in front of everyone. The couple broke up last month and this incidence indicates that they are still not out of the bitter phase of break up.” When asked Ankit said, “It was an accident which can happen to anyone. She even apologised to me and everything is normal now. We are shooting together.” Monika didn’t revert to our text message. With the sound of that infamous slap still echoing in Ankit’s ears and his co-actors’, what else can we say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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