Murder 2 remake of The Chaser?

26 May 2011
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It's not just the poster of 'Murder 2' that's lifted from a Korean film. Even the story seems to be inspired from another Korean flick.

While it's out by now that the poster of Vishesh Films' Murder 2 is a direct rip-off of a Korean film Bad Guy , the Bhatt inspiration doesn't end over there. If the buzz is to be believed, the film itself is a remake of another Korean film.

Just check the storyline of a Korean film Chugyeogja (English title: The Chaser ) and you would know that it sounds suspiciously similar to the story of Murder 2 . It doesn't come as a surprise from Bhatts who are known for their string of remakes. If one recollects, even the prequel, Murder was a direct lift of Hollywood film Unfaithful . Interestingly the poster design of Chugyeogja was earlier copied while making the poster of another Bollywood film – Phoonk 2 .

Meanwhile Mahesh Bhatt has always proclaimed that he has never been an intellectual and that recycling was never an issue. What's more interesting is that the rights of the Korean film Chugyeogja have been bought by a Hollywood producer and the film is being officially remade in English. However this time, Bollywood has overtaken Hollywood in getting inspired.
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