Nat Geo to explore the making of iconic brands from 6 June


7 Apr 2011
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National Geographic Channel is back again to quench viewers' curiosity this summer with a new season of 'Mega Factories'.

The show kicks off on 6 June at 9 pm. The series will open up the windows to the fascinating stories behind the making of iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken, UPS, Lego and Jack Daniels.

The new season takes its viewers on a journey from cornfield to bars, from tap water to world famous lager, building blocks to world famous toys.

'Mega Factories' dons the protective gear and enters the epic manufacturing plants behind the planet's biggest brands, revealing their unique construction secrets. Right from the making of the world’s premium whisky at Jack Daniels facility to the legendary cola giant Coca-Cola, from the efficient staff at UPS delivering over 15 million packets every day to the massive Lego factory churning out
36,000 Lego bricks every minute, the series will unravel more such fascinating facts and stories.
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