Nearly 20 million viewers opt out of DTH services as bills start to pinch

Well 15% cap rule is bound to bring standalone price down as price of bouquet will be based on that itself. If broadcasters keeps standalone prices high then bouquet becomes extremely expensive by many times as compared to what it is now .
Broadcasters can still create bouquets and combine higher-priced, lower-priced channels together and then sell such bouquets, which would, in turn, be pushed to the consumer by scamming DPOs. This is why a cap should be in place on the MRP at 10 rupees, not 19. If broadcasters think that their channel costs more than that they can keep such channel out of bouquets, just like what they do today for any channel costing above 19. Anyway, 19 rupees is very unreasonable for an SD channel with ton of ads! It must be revisited officially by TRAI, not through 15 percent rule.
Also regarding 2nd point, mess is created by operators not TRAI. If rules are not being followed then regulator cannot be blamed for it entirely, all i hope is that TRAI penalizes those violating rules. Also this is not new , earlier broadcasters complained of under reporting subscriber base from cable operators side and piracy was another major issue.
TRAI is the root cause of this mess. They know very well about the cable operators in India. The implementation was always going to be an issue. They did not concentrate on continuously educating the consumers, besides running a few ads at the time of bringing the order. They are supposed to take strict action on the violators like you said, but they are keeping mum.
You guys forgot the fact that DPO doesn't have to provide every single bouquet available. My reason for switching to DTH was cable company not providing affordable bouquets. I don't know why it is not mandatory to carry all bouquets.
A lot has been said about whats going on. True, TRAI has royally messed up. Initially I thought it was just to aid the launch of Ambani's JioFibre. But that too doesn't seem to be the cause. Who knows, a lot of things may be going on in the background. Ambani is not the only biggie. ADTV, Tata Sky would also have lot of influence and might be controlling certain things. A lot is at stake and I believe there is a lot of corruption going on in the Government. Having said that, as usual, it is the customer who suffers. Really hate our regulatory bodies for this.
Trai is giving another excuse that this time they asked DTH players to report only active subscribers and not to count temporary inactive subscribers, as they used to do earlier.. They are not going to listen common peoples demand... 😭
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