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5 Aug 2011
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Comedy TV Ukraine (Ukraine, Comedy): Amos 3 (2011-08-12)
Saudi Sport 6 HD (Saudi Arabia, Sport): Badr 4 (2011-08-11)
Saudi Sport 5 HD (Saudi Arabia, Sport): Badr 4 (2011-08-11)
Saudi Sport 4 HD (Saudi Arabia, Sport): Badr 4 (2011-08-11)
Saudi Sport 3 HD (Saudi Arabia, Sport): Badr 4 (2011-08-11)
Saudi Sport 1 HD (Saudi Arabia, Sport): Badr 4 (2011-08-11)
Capri Gourmet (Italy, Cooking): Express AM44 (2011-08-11)
Capri Casinò (Italy, Game): Express AM44 (2011-08-11)
Uzay TV Diyarbakir (Turkey, Regional): Turksat 2A (2011-08-10)
Zaina TV 1 (undefined, Various): Atlantic Bird 4A (2011-08-09)
Rodin TV (Poland, Cultural): Hotbird 9 (2011-08-09)
Sport TV 4 (Portugal, Sport): Hispasat 1C (2011-08-08)
Al Oroba (undefined, Various): Atlantic Bird 4A (2011-08-07)
Win TV Arabia (undefined, Various): Atlantic Bird 4A (2011-08-07)
Libya Al Hurra (undefined, Politics): Atlantic Bird 4A (2011-08-07)
if the satellite range covers South Asia we can get those channels.... with proper receiver...
well biswajit do u have all equipments to track channels. also try to track and give data for only satellites havind covered india in their footprint otherwise its useless
well what r u thinking that u will post all world data in a indian dth forum. god save dreamdth. if posting useless data about all world satellite interests u then keep going, in have no issues
If you have no issues then please dont reply to my threads ... thank you
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