No censor board for television: IBF


25 Mar 2011
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MUMBAI: The Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) has clarified that there is no move to have a censor board for television.

Responding to an article titled 'Censor board for television in the offing', the IBF has said that there is no truth in this.

The IBF is setting up its Self Regulatory Content Guidelines And Complaint Redressal Mechanism for non-news channels based on the draft version of 2008 of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Self Regulation Guidelines for Broadcasting Sector.

The IBF has set up a 13 member Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) headed by Justice A P Shah. The first meeting of the BCCC would be held very shortly. Any complaint regarding the content of the non-news channels would be placed before the BCCC.
They are censoring everything without censor board............... :D
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